The Song of the Shattered Sands Wikia

Kiral, King of Kings: Kiral does not rule the other kings officially, but they all submit to his words and wisdom.

Sukru, the Reaping King: He places a bloody hand on the doors of the people to be sacrificed to the asirim.

Azad, King of Thorns: he fought Çeda at the adichara trees "wearing his former skin." Ceda had mistaken him for a Blade Maiden.

Ihsan, the Honey-tongued King: The chief diplomat.

Külaşan, the Wandering King: Ceda witnessed his attempted assassination at an old fort in the spice market. He wears a crown of rare red gold.

Zeheb, King of Whispers: The spymaster.

Yusam, the Jade-eyed King: Sees visions of possible outcomes.

Husamettín, King of Swords, Lord of the Maidens: Master of the Blade Maidens and wielder of Night's Kiss which seems to draw in light from around it, said to have been given to him by the dark god, Goezhen, on the night of Beht Ihman.

Cahil, the Confessor King: known for brutally torturing enemies for information.

Beşir, King of Shadows: also known as the Golden King or King of Coin. He controls the kingdom's treasury.

Onur, King of Spears: Now better known as the King of Sloth or the Feasting King in the west end. The tallest and largest of all the kings.

Mesut, the Jackal King, Lord of Asirim. He had been lovers with the mother of Mala (a young girl Ceda often employs)