The Song of the Shattered Sands Wikia

WARNING!!! The following character descriptions contain spoilers!!!

Çeda: (Çedamihn Ahyanesh'ala or Child of Ahyanesh) A young woman of 19 at the start of Twelve Kings in Sharakhai who grew up in the West End. She is known as the pit fighter, The White Wolf. She makes money in the pits, sword lessons, and occasionally running secret packages for the Pit Owner, Osman. She is focused on gaining revenge against the Kings for her mother's murder.

Emre: A young man, a year Çeda's senior and her childhood friend. He jumped from job to job, most recently working for Seyhan, a spice merchant. He later works for another childhood friend, Hamad, and joins the Moonless Host. He carries around great guilt over the death of his elder brother Rafa, who was murdered by a bravo from whom Emre had stolen a purse.

Ahya: (Ahyanesh) She was a woman from the desert who came at some point to Sharakhai. She had been attempting to take down the kings before her death eleven years previous the start of Twelve Kings in Sharakhai. She had apparently laid with a King of Sharakhai and birthed Çeda for a specific reason but that reason remained a mystery after her death.

Dardzada: Ahya tells Çeda that Dardzada is blood of her blood, however this Çeda refuses to acknowledge. He is a chemist of some known and a former ally of Ahya. He also cared for Çeda for a short time after Ahya's death, but he is described as being strict and cruel.

Tariq: A childhood friend of Çeda and Emre. They have since grown apart and he now works directly for Osman.

Osman: A former pit fighter (or dirt dog) who now owns his own pits where Çeda fights. He claims he was friends with Çeda and seems to have honest feelings for Çeda.

Hamad: A childhood friend of Çeda and Emre. They had since grown apart and he had become a Black Lotus addict, however, he now is an agent of Macide and the Moonless Host.

Djaga Akoyo: A former pit fighter known as The Lion who trained Çeda and got her her first bout in Osman's pits against the man who had murdered Emre's older brother Rafa. She is Kundhunese by ancestry but is considered Sharakhani by nationality.

Rafa: Emre's older brother who paid the expenses and looked after Emre and Çeda while he lived. He worked at the docks. He was murdered by a bravo who was enraged by Emre theft.

Lord Vesdi: The first son of King Kulasan. He was captured by the Moonless Host and murdered by Emre.